Dear friends,

Wisdom Books, London, has closed but ...
Wisdom Books in London who were the biggest distributor of our books finally closed their doors in March this year after being open for twenty-seven years.  We know that many of our customers are wondering how to get our books or whether it will even be possible to get our books from a distributor like them.  The good news is that they have sold out to a company in England called "The Speaking Tree" who are making preparations to start selling our books again.  It will be some months before our books—and this time our dictionaries too—will be available through them.  We will let you know when they are available again.  In the meantime, you can still purchase from us at:

Padma Karpo Translation Books

You'll note that the link immediately above to our book sales now lands you on a catalogue that makes it much easier to get a sense of our range of books.  For each book detailed information is just a click away.

Namse Bangdzo in the USA

Namse Bangdzo is also an excellent source for our books.  The link immediately above will take you to a listing of all our books that they sell.  There are some, such as our grammar books, and some Chogling Tersar and Tsoknyi Rinpoche books that you can only get through our catalogue, above.

You can also purchase our books from other sources such as Amazon;  sometimes—though not always—you can get good discounts on our books through Amazon, but honestly, they are an exceptionally greedy company who are really bad to deal with, if you know everything that does on with them.

Our main work: Longchenpa's Massive Resting Up Trilogy
• We have been working for nearly two years on one of the most important pieces of literature for any Tibetan Buddhist practitioner but especially for Dzogchen practitioners, the “Resting Up Trilogy” as it is called, by Longchen Rabjam.

People will probably know of the trilogy through a book by Herbert Guenther named “Kindly Bent to Ease Us”.  This is often thought to be the entirety of the work by Longchen Rabjam but in fact it is only one of a total of fifteen texts in the trilogy of volumes and it needs to be said that all of the texts in the Trilogy are crucial to the overall work, which is why I decided that we should do the whole thing, even though it is a huge task.

If you are a Dzogchen practitioner or interested in being one, this Trilogy is one of the most important works to be studied in preparation for the journey.  Its importance is shown by the fact that the colleges for study at Nyingma monasteries always include this Trilogy or parts of it within their general curriculum.

This is a major work with two translators and a secretary involved.  We need to pay their salaries for the period of three years that we envisage this work will take.  We have some financial support, enough to be well underway with the work.  However, we need a significant amount of funding, so if you are capable of making an offering towards this work then everyone involved, including the future readers, will benefit greatly.

There are several ways to provide assistance:

  • Some organizations prefer to wire money to us and we can provide the details for that if you contact us (see visit our web-site below and then the contact item on the menu).
  • Paypal works well, too; again contact us for details.
  • Finally, we have a crowd-funding site: Crowd funding for PKTC

We really do need your assistance.  Even a small amount helps and the best is a regular donation even if each one is only small (which can be managed through our Crowd funding for PKTC site.

By the way, if you join my personal face-book page, you'll find that I post short excerpts from Longchenpa's writings, including the Trilogy.

Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Tamash Agocsh, Translator
Padma Karpo Translation Committee