Our Tibetan typefaces, designed and created by Tony Duff, are regarded as the best in the world.  They are highly praised by Tibetan experts for their beauty and are unanimously accepted as the most authentic Tibetan fonts available.  They have also been highly praised by the head of the Microsoft typography section, one of the world's most prestigious font-makers.

Tibetan ClassicWe have several typefaces, all in dbu.can style (we are not planning to produce dbu.med typefaces).  Each typeface has its own, unique character and usefulness.  The Tibetan Machine typeface is the standard typeface included with all of our software.  The remaining typefaces can be purchased separately.  Tibetan Calligraphic is a general purpose typeface excellent for all kinds of work.  Tibetan Classic and Tibetan Chogyal are the highest high-quality typefaces available.  The two are quite similar but Tibetan Classic follows the older style of calligraphy in which the serifs are shaped by hand and Tibetan Chogyal follows the newer style in which the serifs are drawn directly.  Tibetan Chogyal is widely acclaimed by Tibetans as the best typeface available today and praised very highly by all as the most beautiful.  If you want the very best typeface, this is the one to purchase.  Dzongkha Calligraphic typeface is the Bhutanese equivalent of the Tibetan Calligraphic typeface.

Click on the name of the typeface to see a quick view or • download a description with samples of the typefaces:
Tibetan Machine (FREE) Tibetan Calligraphic
Tibetan Classic Tibetan Chogyal
Dzongkha(Bhutanese) Calligraphic

All High Quality Typefaces Available in a Single Bundle:
All our products come standard with Tibetan Machine typeface, because it is our best general purpose typeface.  The other, high quality fonts can be purchased in a single package at a very modest price.  (Until recently, all of these better quality fonts had to be purchased individually, with a total price of $650 for the set.  We now sell all of the typefaces in a single bundle for a very low cost of $50 or less so that everyone may have use of them.)  The font bundle can be purchased here:


Free Typeface:
The TibetanMachine typeface is a complete typeface available in unicode and two different non-unicode encodings, with each one suitable for a specific purpose.  The unicode version, called "TibetanMachineUnicode" is the authentic version of the typeface and replaces the badly damaged version that was made by University of Virginia some years ago called "Tibetan Machine Uni".  More information on the free typeface is available at • the free typeface page.

Formats and encoding:
All of our fonts are delivered in opentype unicode format and in both truetype non-unicode format.  The unicode fonts will work on all versions of Windows from XP up and on Mac OSX 10.5 and up.  They will also work on other platforms that have support for opentype unicode fonts such as Linux.  The other typefaces work especially with our software.

We continue to support our own, non-unicode format for Tibetan because, unfortunately, the Tibetan Unicode standard does not support many of the specialized characters needed for serious work in the Tibetan language.  Furthermore, Tibetan Unicode as it now stands has some serious formatting problems that cannot be resolved, for example, the production of a space which is far too small for proper Tibetan formatting.  Our own non-unicode format does support these characters and does allow for all Tibetan formatting to be done correctly.  In our TCC encoding as we call it, a single typeface comes as a set of five fonts containing a total of over 1000 characters.  To see the full range of characters contained in our non-unicode format fonts, look at the • typeface documentation.

The unicode versions of our typefaces have the advantage that all Tibetan characters available in the font come in just one font.  The unicode fonts are of exactly the same, legendary quality as the non-unicode ones.