Input Service and Text Sponsorship Program
We have a text input office in Kathmandu where texts of your choice can be input and corrected for you at a very modest cost compared to any other service.  You could use this as an input service for your own needs if you wish.  You could also sponsor the production of texts for everyone else's benefit—a number of people have sponsored the input and correction of texts so that they could be available through our free texts page!

The office is very well run and capable of doing single texts or whole collections.  The staff are very well trained and turn out their work quickly and accurately.

As a matter of interest, when you use this service, you also give work to Tibetan refugees.  Our staff is comprised entirely of Tibetan refugees and we make a point of providing them with better than average working conditions, including a reasonable salary, something which is generally hard to come by for the many Tibetan refugees in Nepal.  For them, the opportunity to aid Buddha's dharma and the people interested in it through this work is an added plus of major proportions.  So, if you do use the service for yourself or to sponsor work for others, you are also assisting Tibetan refugees in a truly meaningful way.

If you would like to use the service or sponsor a text or collection so that it becomes available on our page of free texts, please contact us via the contact link on the menu.