In general our Tibetan typefaces, designed and created by Tony Duff, are regarded as the best in the world.  They are praised by Tibetan experts for their beauty and are unanimously accepted as the most authentic Tibetan fonts available.

Tibetan Classic
Our Tibetan Machine typeface is our basic typeface but has many design features that make it very attractive to use.  For many years this typeface was available only in our TCC encoding.  In 2001 we put the typeface into the public domain so that everyone could use it for free.  A unicode version called "Tibetan Machine Uni" was produced by David Germano at the University of Virginia and distributed through his Himalayan Digital Library.  Unfortunately, the work was poorly done and the typeface was badly damaged.  The "Tibetan Machine Uni" had its design modified by someone who did not understand Tibetan lettering, the typeface was sized incorrectly, and the typeface had an incorrect baseline set, too.

Therefore, we have made a new unicode version that presents the original typeface as it should be.  This is the authentic Tibetan Machine typeface now unicoded.  It is named "TibetanMachineUnicode" and is available free from this site.  Because this is the real typeface, undamaged, and correctly made into a unicode font, it looks much clearer and prints much better on any computer than the damaged version.

Many people have used the damaged "Tibetan Machine Uni" code font from the University of Virginia because nothing better was available.  Now that we have made the original typeface available in unicode encoding, we encourage you to download and use the authentic "TibetanMachineUnicode" typeface available from this site and to delete damaged the Tibetan Machine Uni font.

Many Tibetans come to our site looking for free Tibetan fonts.  This font is what they are looking for.  It is the best Tibetan unicode font available at this time.

See samples of the free typeface:
Go here to read more about Tibetan Machine typeface and to see samples of it: Tibetan Machine.

Download the free typeface:
Download the authentic version of Tibetan Machine Unicode for free from the download page.

Tibetan Machine Unicode is an opentype font in a truetype package.  It will work on Windows XP onwards and on Mac OSX 10.6 onwards.  It will also work on other operating systems that have support for opentype unicode fonts, for example, Linux.