The PKTC site contains an enormous range of materials connected with Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan language  To give you a clear guide to all of this content, it has been sorted into main topics then listed on this page.

1. General Information:
About the Committee gives you some background on this web-site, how it came about, and the people involved.
What's new on the web-site is for our many followers so that they can easily keep up with our new publications and so on.
Testimonials and unsolicited comments from others give you a sense of the exceptional quality of our work.
Registration is required to gain access to any pages with free content.  We do this to protect the content of the site and to obtain your e-mail address so that we can contact you again later with news of new books—we never give out e-mail addresses.  Registration is easy and immediate: whenever you attempt to access a page with free content, your registration will be checked; if you have not registered yet or if your three-month registration has expired, you will automatically be asked to register.  Access will be granted immediately via e-mail.
2. Books: a wide range of translations and reference works
All commercial books by our main translator, Lama Tony Duff, are listed here.  Our commercial books cover the whole range of Tibetan Buddhist practice and other areas of Tibetan studies, such as Tibetan grammar.  We specialize in high-quality translations of Mahamudra and Dzogchen materials.  We are a modern publisher, dedicated to the needs of practitioners and scholars.  Our books are generally available as both e-books and paper editions.
The Study Guide walks you through our titles and shows you how they fit into a complete study program for learning Tibetan Buddhism.
Tibetan grammar is one of our specialties; we are the only place in the world where you can get translations and excellent explanations of native Tibetan grammar texts.
The Tsoknyi Rinpoche page contains commercial books specifically of Tsoknyi Rinpoche's teachings.
All free books is a portal to pages filled with translations of Tibetan Buddhist and Buddhist-study-related materials, including guides on how to translate.  y on these pages are highest-quality, fully-typeset, commercial-level publications yet are provided free as a genuine offering.  Registration is required to gain access, as explained above in the general section.
Exercises in translation offers some free high-quality guides to translation consisting of actual exercises and real texts.
3. On-line PKTC Tibetan Dictionaries:
Online dictionaries is a PKTC web-site offering PKTC dictionaries directly on-line.  The service is not free; a minimal yearly subscription is required.  Subscriptions are paid through the site.
4. The Tibetan Digital Library—
     electronic books and software for Tibetan studies:
Digital Publications is an overview of our digital works and software tools made for Tibetan studies.
Next we show you how to build a large and powerful digital library and reference centre using our digital Tibetan publications and the special features built into our Tibetan software.
Next we provide the content of a digital library with all-important Tibetan-English and Tibetan-Tibetan dictionaries (some for purchase, some for free) including the highly acclaimed Illuminator Tibetan-English Dictionary, Sarat Chandra Das's Tibetan-English Dictionary, and several others.  We support Windows, Macintosh OSX, and iOS platforms.  All three are explained • here and the iOS software is also explained • here.
Next we help you add to the library with major collections of Tibetan Buddhist texts and Tibetan reference works for free.
Next we offer you a large collection of very high quality digital Tibetan Buddhist texts and reference works all available free and by immediate download.
Finally we offer a text input service so that you could create your own digital Tibetan works or sponsor something for others.
5. Software for the Tibetan Digital Library
We give you the Windows TibetD Reader software needed to read our digital texts under Windows and samples of our Windows commercial dictionaries by immediate and free • download here.  We do not have a Reader for the Mac OSX yet but hope to deliver one in the future.
Our Tibetan Software Department software site has full details of all of our Tibetan software and fonts and also has free Tibetan fonts for immediate download.
Tibetan software, updates informs you on the latest versions of TibetDoc, TibetD Reader, and the Illuminator Dictionary.
6. Longchen Nyingthig: Translations and Digital Texts
The Longchen Nyingthig specialty page is our founder's special interest page.  Lama Tony has lived in Tibet extensively where he received and practised all the profound instructions of this system.  He has already translated many of the most important of the core Longchen Nyingthig texts and plans to translate as many of them as possible.  In addition, PKTC is preparing as many of these texts as possible in digital editions many of which will be free.  You will find nearly all of Longchenpa's works and all of the core works of Longchen Nyingthig already available on this site (see the digital texts free and for purchase sections above).
7. Tibetan Software Department
The Tibetan Software Department is a department within the PKTC web-site which has the details of our TibetDoc, TibetD Reader, and TibetD software and our Tibetan and Sanskrit Diacriticals fonts.  It also has details of updates for TibetD Reader, TibetDoc, and the Illuminator Dictionary.
8. Sales Department for Digital Products
Sales department: all commercial digital products and their distributors are listed here.  Book sales are handled directly on the book pages above.