Dear friends,

This newsletter announces the 2015 edition of the Illuminator Dictionary for iOS on the iphone, iPad, and touch iPod.  It also repeats earlier announcements of the 2015 editions of the Illuminator Dictionary for Macintosh OSX and Windows.

The Illuminator Dictionary, widely regarded as the world’s foremost Tibetan-English dictionary, is an ongoing project.  Each year we make a new edition of the dictionary that contains all the new entries and other improvements made during the previous year.  This year’s new edition is the 2015 edition containing all the improvements and additions from 2014.  The amount of new material is very substantial: several hundred new entries have been added and many existing entries have been improved.

Moreover, the software that comes with the dictionary has been through several months of professional programming in order to make it compliant with the many new standards that Apple put in place last year.  Without that programming, the app would not work on the latest versions of the iOS or OSX operating systems. Together with that, we fixed several minor bugs and made some improvements to the user interface.

There is no update pricing for the new iOS product. To obtain the new 2015 iOS dictionary, whether you have the 2014 edition or not, simply go to the iTunes store using this link and purchase the new product:

You can read more about the iOS Illuminator and our other iOS Tibetan-English and Tibetan-Tibetan dictionaries here:

Update pricing is available for the 2015 OSX dictionary and also for the 2015 Windows dictionary.  Follow these links to get the updates for those operating systems or make a new purchase:
If you need the Illuminator Dictionary for a platform other than Windows, Mac OSX, or iOS, such as for Android, you could use the on line version of the Illuminator, which has also been updated to the 2015 edition of the dictionary:

Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Tamas Agocs, Translator
And the staff at Padma Karpo Translation Committee