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The Six Topics That All Buddhists Learn
by Khenchen Zhanga and Tony Duff
The Buddha himself said in a Lesser Vehicle sutra:
"Son of the family! You are to become expert in the skandhas.  You are to become expert in the ayatanas.  You are to become expert in the dhatus.  You are to become expert in pratitya-samutpada.  You are to become expert in topics.  You are to become expert in non-topics."
With these words, the Buddha indicated that there are six topics which must be learned, at least to some extent, by every one of his followers.  Although the Buddha gave these teachings in the Lesser Vehicle, they are a necessary foundation for practitioners of all levels, from those studying the Lesser Vehicle to those practising Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

This book gives a thorough explanation of the six topics using a text written by Zhanphen Chokyi Nangwa, or Khenchen Zhang-ga as he is more commonly known, the greatest of all abbots to have presided over the famous Shri Singha monastic college at Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet.  The text shows the meaning of the six topics according first to the Lesser, then the Greater, and finally the Dzogchen vehicles. The author of the book, the well-known teacher and translator Tony Duff, explains the weaving together of these levels of explanation and supplements the explanations in the text with many clarifications in an extensive introduction.

The book is not just another text on scholarly matters but is fully connected with the flourishing of the exceptionally profound Great Completion or Dzogchen teachings at Dzogchen Monastery and other nearby monasteries.  The connection of these six topics to Dzogchen also sis clearly explained in the text.

You can read our review of the book here: The Six Topics that All Buddhists Learn.


Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Christopher Duff, Manager,
Tamash Agocsh, Translator
Padma Karpo Translation Committee