Dear friends,

We have published several books this year and will showcase them one by one in this and coming e-mails.  Also, we have extended our major sale at Wisdom books till the end of the year; the books are selling well at these deep discounts which is good for all of us.

Other Emptiness: Entering Wisdom Beyond Emptiness of Self by Tony Duff
This is a remarkable book.  For many years people have been wanting a book about Other Emptiness—non-dual wisdom.  Several books have been published on the topic, each giving one piece of the puzzle, but none have given a complete and impartial treatment of the subject until now.  This book fills the gap completely.  It is written in a graded order that introduces the topic, explains the necessary history and background, and slowly moves on to deeper and deeper explanations of the topic.  The book was carefully written so that everyone, from the beginning Buddhist to the most erudite scholar would gain satisfying answers to the many issues surrounding Other Emptiness.  The book ends with translations of key texts that establish what has been explained by the author.  The style of the book also means that it will be interesting to followers of all Tibetan Buddhist lineages.

You can read our review of the book here: The Other Emptiness.  However, for an exceptional well-balanced and impartial review, see this review at Amazon that rightly calls this book a tour-de-force.

Other new publications for the year:

Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Christopher Duff, Manager,
Tamash Agocsh, Translator
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