The main topic for this e-mailing is news about our e-book publications.  Following that, we also give you advance notice about this year's update for the iOS Illuminator Tibetan-English dictionary and about new dictionary software for the Macintosh.

About E-books
This past year we published many titles in the Kindle reader format.  We have two pieces of news about our Kindle books.

New Kindle Book: we published a new Kindle book in December: The Way of the Old Dogs by Ju Mipham.  It has been more popular than any of our other Kindle books.  You can • read about it and all of our other Kindle books here.

All Kindle Books revamped: All of our Kindle books had been formatted to the original, very low-grade Kindle specification.  We have now re-published every one of our Kindle books according to the new Kindle specification with the result that all of our Kindle books have been substantially improved.  They have higher quality images, proper typographic formatting, and a layout that is now consistent across the entire range of our books.  Moreover, some mistakes that had been introduced to the books during the original formatting have all been rectified.  Henceforth, all of our Kindle books will be produced to this new standard.

Other e-books: Peoplehave been asking why we don't have e-books for devices other than Kindle, especially Android devices and Apple iOS devices.  The answer is that we do!  We make most of our books available as PDF e-books, which can be read on all other devices.  These PDF e-books are available from • our PKTC web-site.

iOS Tibetan Dictionary News: Next week this year's Illuminator Dictionary update for iOS—iPhone, iPod, and iPad—will become available.  Unfortunately, because of Apple's very rigid policies, we cannot offer update pricing for those who purchased last year's dictionary.  The new dictionary will be a new purchase for old and new customers.  The purchase will be worth it; there are further improvements to the software and the dictionary itself also has nearly 1,500 new entries in it.  Our next mailing this month will have full details.

Mac OSX Tibetan Dictionary News: In about one month, we will announce new dictionaries for the Mac OSX.  After years of trouble with RealBasic for the Mac, we have abandoned it.  We are now custom-coding our own Mac software for the dictionaries.  The software will be just like the software for our iOS dictionaries.  This will mean we have a consistent software interface across all our dictionaries for all Apple products.  Good news for Mac users!