December 2014 newsletter

Dear friends,
We have published several books this year and are showcasing them one by one in this and coming e-mails. Also, we have a major sale at Wisdom books till the end of the year; the books are selling well at these deep discounts which is good for all of us, but the sale will end soon.

In this newsletter, we showcase two books and then give some other news.

Two Ultimate Meaning Sutras:
• The Sutra Petitioned by the Householder Uncouth
• The Point of Passage Wisdom Sutra:

This past year we published many books on other emptiness. The topic of other emptiness was taught in a series of sutras of the third turning of the wheel which are considered to present the ultimate of all teachings given by the Buddha in the sutra teachings. Therefore, we selected and translated some of these ultimate meaning sutras. Two of them are highlighted here.

The Sutra Petitioned by the Householder Uncouth is a most unusual discourse. The Buddha is asked by a householder bodhisatva named Uncouth whether it is possible to remain a householder and successfully practise the deeper teachings. The Buddha gives a long reply that just excoriates the life of a householder then greatly lauds monastic life. The audience thinks that that is the answer and a large group of householder bodhisatvas immediately ask for ordination. Notably, Uncouth does not. Instead he inquires further about this matter. The Buddha gives a further long answer again making it seem that it is better to be ordained. However, by the end of the sutra, the Buddha has shown that householder bodhisatvas like Uncouth are much more capable of living the true bodhisatva life and much more capable of benefitting sentient beings than the monastics. Together with this, the Buddha makes statements about non-dual wisdom which make this sutra into one of the ultimate meaning sutras. This is a fascinating sutra which, when properly understood, teaches non-dual wisdom as the final meaning and definitively answers the question of whether one should be ordained or not. The book features a long introduction that clearly draws out all of the threads of this amazing sutra. You can read our review of the book here: The Sutra Petitioned by the Householder Uncouth.

This second sutra is a very short but important sutra. It is regarded as one of five sutras that condense the entire meaning of the Buddha's teaching. An extensive explanation of the sutra and its importance within all the sutras is provided in the introduction. You can read our review of the book here: The Noble One Called "Point of Passage Wisdom", A Great Vehicle Sutra.

The e-books (PDF format) can be purchased through us:
Householder Uncouth and Point of Passage Wisdom. The paper books can be purchased through Wisdom Books in London or through NamseBangdzo in the USA.

Other news:
• We recently announced an update to TibetDoc. The update was to version 5.41. A further update, still at version 5.41 is now available. This update fixes save to HTML which was not working. Owners of TibetDoc 5.40 and 5.41 can have the update free just by writing to us. Owners of earlier versions can obtain it by purchasing an update. Anyone who now has a version less than 5.40 will gain significant improvements by doing the update, including full compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Purchase the update to TibetDoc in our shop: Purchase TibetDoc 5.41 update.

• Lama Tony stayed at home during 2014 in order to complete many translations, all of which will be published in this coming year—there are texts of Padmasambhava, texts and commentaries by Mipham, and many works of Longchenpa. These works focus on explaining the entire path of Dzogchen, giving a view of the path which so far has not been available in English. Collectively they should be a great boon to the many Westerners attempting to do these very high practices who often have not been taught the necessary underpinnings of the high teachings.

• Lama Tony will be travelling and teaching extensively in 2015. His schedule can be viewed here. It is possible still to request Lama Tony to come and teach in Europe or the USA this year; contact us by e-mail using the link at the foot of this newsletter.

Some of our other new publications for 2014.  "The Other Emptiness" and Complete Session of Meditation have been in high demand.

Lama Tony Duff, Director,
Christopher Duff, Manager,
Tamash Agocsh, Translator
Padma Karpo Translation Committee