This page has links to several collections of Tibetan Buddhist related images. The main point of this page is to provide images that could be used for pecha-making. However, the images could often be used for other, illustrative purposes. Nearly all the images here are black and white line drawings in 16 colour black and white BMP file format for ease of use.  The beautiful Windhorse image here is from the Cliff Meurer collection.

Drukpa Kagyu Heritage Project and Drigung Kagyu Publisher's Pecha Images
A collection of very high quality line drawings createdspecifically for pecha making by the Drukpa Kagyu Heritage Project Windhorse image
headed by Lotsawa Tony Duff and the Drigung Kagyu Publications office headed by Ven. Kelsang Chophel. These are line drawings made by highly respected local, Tibetan artists. They were made specially for use in the pechas of the two projects mentioned and accordingly have a number of images specially for Drukpa and Drigung Kagyu purposes. However, many other, more general items are included. They are high resolution images that could be used for other purposes, too. (Images at the top of a pecha are called "dbu lha" and at the end are called "zhabs lha", hence the name of the download file.) The names of the files provide sufficient information to know what the images are.

Rinchen Terdzod Republication Project at Shechen Monastery
This is a collection of very high quality images that relate to the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.  The images were drawn for the new edition of the Rinchen Terdzod that undertaken at Shechen monastery, Kathmandu in 2005.  The images were mainly drawn by the resident artist of the Tsering Art School, Knochog-la, for the purpose.  They were made for the purpose of pecha production so should be especially useful for anyone else wanting to make pecha.  The images are kindly provided by the Ven. Matthieu Ricard who is directing the republication project.

There are two types of files in this collection.  The images are either TIF or JPEF files and the captions for the images to be used in the Rinchen Terdzod are present as PDF files.  The caption text might help others who are unsure of what caption to insert into a pecha with the image.  The names of the files provide sufficient information to know what the images are.

Kagyu Images from Various Sources
A collection of very high quality, large size, line drawings relating to the Kagyu lineage from various artists including Chris Banigan provided by Keith Dowman.

A collection of images by Cliff Meurer
Cliff is a student of Lama Tharchin in California. He collected and cleaned or drew himself, using Corel Draw, a variety of images. He has offered them here for distribution. Most have not been seen before. Most pertain to Nyingma lineage or general Buddhism.

A collection of images from Asian Classic Input Program
A small portion of their large collection of images is provided here. They have been cleaned in many cases and are offered in the same format as the rest of the images, for convenience.