The Eight Auspicious Noble Ones In Verse:
View PDF The PDF file here contains a translation of this very famous prayer by Ju Mipham.  The prayer is an invocation of auspiciousness.  Mipham took teachings given by the Buddha on bringing down auspiciousness and put them to verse to make this prayer.

The prayer has become very popular amongst Westerners but so far has not been correctly translated.  This is a whole book on the prayer, with a correct translation, an explanation of the meaning, and an extensive exercise in how to translate Tibetan texts, using the prayer as the example for the exercise.

The exercise is a major exercise that should delight anyone trying to to translate Tibetan texts, both those who are new to it and those who have been doing it for some time.  It shows how to translate according to Tibetan grammar itself and gives a guide to key points of Tibetan grammar as a preliminary.  The exercise draws on Lama Tony’s extraordinary knowledge and experience of Tibetan Buddhism and how to translate it.  It shows you his method of translation exactly and includes many tips that come from his personal bag of translation methods.  Furthermore, it contains extensive explanations of the first verse that are valuable for understanding its deep meaning, a meaning which has so far been masked by its mis-translation.  The Tibetan text is included.

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