Words of the Old Dog Vijay, Practical Instructions on Thorough Cut

Text by Zhechen Gyaltshab IV, book by Tony Duff

TitleWords of the Old Dog Vijay
Sub-titlePractical Instructions on Thorough Cut by Zhechen Gyaltshab IV
AuthorTranslation and introduction by Tony Duff
Details66 pages, 1 colour plate, 5.5" X 8.5", US$15, available on paper and in PDF e-book format
ISBNpaper book 978-9937-883-64-1, e-book 978-9937-572-55-2
TextsTibetan texts (two teachings in one text) in Tibetan script included

Zhechen Gyaltshab IV, Padma Namgyal, was one of the principal masters of Zhechen Monastery in East Tibet, the monastery where Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche made his home before leaving Tibet.  The Zhechen Gyaltsabs have always been regarded as highly learned and accomplished and this comes through in the clarity of the instructions in his text.

We provide many texts about Thorough Cut practice and this one adds something further.  This text is very well-known in the Tibetan tradition as one of several texts that are particularly useful to anyone who is practising Thorough Cut of innermost Great Completion (Dzogpa Chenpo).  The text consists of two short teachings of very practical instruction.  Both teachings give a strong feeling of no-nonsense dharma and each one provides another take on the practice of Thorough Cut.  For instance, the second teaching emphasizes the point of letting mind be as it is.

The book is ideal for anyone who is practising Thorough Cut.  As with our other books on innermost Dzogchen, we strongly advise that you not purchase the book unless you have had the necessary instructions.

Download Tibetan text in TibetD format: • available here.